"Tiger Band Spells Out Tigers"

Clemson vs. Florida State
September 3, 2007

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"Tiger Band Spells Out Tigers"
by Trent Allen

This photo was taken before the Clemson vs. Florida State, nationally televised, football game on Labor Day night, 2007. The photo shows the Tiger Band spelling out Tigers during the pre-game festivities on Frank Howard Field in Clemson's Memorial Stadium (Death Valley) moments before the start of the game.

Believe it, or not, it took five weeks to get permission to take this picture. After 9-11, security issues mandate a "no-fly zone" around major sporting events. This is why you only see the airplane advertising banners flying over during pre-game. The air must be clear two hours before the game starts. In order to fly over the stadium we had to obtain permission from the CU Police Department, the CU Athletic Department, SLED, the TSA, AND the FAA.

Other photos taken that night include: "A Sea of Orange" and "Night in the Valley"

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