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"It's Up to Us Now"

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"It's Up to Us Now"
by Rick Reeves
Copyright American Historical Art
Commissioned by the U.S. Army Command and General Staff Officer's Course Class of 1998.

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Public Edition size: 400 Signed and numbered
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June 24, 1898 - On a hot, sweltering morning, a diverse group of American soldiers assaulted a fortified Spanish Army position at Las Guasimas, Cuba. LTC "Teddy" Roosevelt and the gallant men of the 1st Volunteer Cavalry Regiment (nicknamed the "Rough Riders") led the charge. They were stymied by stiff enemy fire. Bursting forth from the dense jungle growth came the heroic men of the 10th Cavalry Regiment "Buffalo Soldiers" in timely support of the attack - thus propelling the U.S. forces to their first victory of the Spanish-American War.

Current Price: Check our current price list.

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