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"Rebel Sons of Erin"

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"Rebel Sons of Erin"

by Mort Kunstler
Copyright Mort Kuntsler and American Print Gallery

They too fought for the Cause. America's Irish community - like so many other Americans - was divided by the War Between the States. Irish volunteers in the North achieved fame through the battlefield exploits of units like "Meagher's Irish Brigade." Less known, but no less fervent in their patriotism, were Southern Irishmen - who promptly took up arms in defense of the South and Southern Independence.

Most prominent among Irish Confederate commanders was General Patrick R. Cleburne, and among the best-known Irish Confederates were the troops of the 10th Tennessee, C.S.A.

At 1:25 p.m., on Thursday, February 13, 1862, the 10th TN engaged the enemy at Erin Hollow near Dover, Tennessee. It was the only combat the troops would experience as a full regiment.

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