Irish Brigade Prints

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Don Troiani
"37th New York - Irish Rifles"
"New York's Bravest"
"Brothers of Ireland"
"Sons of Erin"
"The Rock of Erin"
"Clear the Way"
"69th New York"

Brad Schmehl
"Gentle When Stroked, Fierce When Provoked"
Five Print Irish Brigade Series
(1) "Captain Clooney's Charge"
(2)"St. Patrick's Day, 1863"
(3)"Absolution at Gettysburg"
(4)"Fierce When Provoked"
(5)"Donnybrook at Dusk"

Michael Gnatek
"28th Mass. Color Bearer"
"Private Peter Rafferty"
"Massachusetts Volunteers, 4th Regt."

Rick Reeves
"Remember Ireland and Fontenoy"
"69th New York"

Mort Künstler
"The Fighting 69th"
"Rebel Sons of Erin"
"Raise the Colors and Follow Me!"

Don Prechtel
"For Erin and Glory"
"If Mortal Man Can"
"Clear the Way"

Dale Gallon
"Fight'n Irish"
"The Musician"
"Erin's Pride"
"Pride of Erin"
"Hancock's Ride"

Don Stivers
"Strike For God and Country"

John Paul Strain
"You Will Soon See Them Tumbling Back"

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