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"Miles to Go Before We Sleep"

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"Miles to Go - One" "Miles to Go - Two"
by Ernest Varner by Ernest Varner
2001 Copyright Varner Originals 2001 Copyright Varner Originals
Edition Size: 850 S/N, 85 A/P Editon Size: 850 S/N, 85 A/P
Giclee Edition Size: 50 S/N Giclee Edition Size: 50 S/N
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"Miles to Go Before We Sleep" are the next editions in the "Longest Mile" Series.
While acknowledging that we have come a long way, they caution there is still a distance to go before all is right with the world.
Varner takes a unique opportunity to put in picture form that All-American and African-American history and pride is a part of American history and American pride.
AND, that it should be politically, morally, and socially correct for all Amricans to celebrate their ethnic and American heritage.

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