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"Steady on the Colors"

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"Steady on the Colors"
by Don Troiani
Copyright Historical Art Prints

Regular Edition
1000 Signed and Numbered
Image Size: 20" x 26 3/4"

Artist Proof Edition
100 Signed and Numbered
Image Size: 20" x 26 3/4"

Canvas Edition
50 Signed and Numbered
Image Size: 23 1/2" x 31"

Giclee Edition
15 Signed and Numbered
Image Size:

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He was resolute in his devotion to the cause. He was dauntless in battle. The Confederate infantryman embodied the defiant fighting spirit of the South. Time after time, with celebrated grit, he had stood firm on some chaotic battlefield of the Civil War to win victory against an equally brave adversary.

In "Steady on the Colors" renowned artist-historian Don Troiani has used his artistry and command of authentic detail to reveal the Southern soldier in his prime, fighting with tenacity to halt an advancing foe. Deadly missiles fill the air and the sound of cannon and musket are everywhere, but still he stands resolute amid the storm, firm in his faith that duty comes above all else. It is a scene repeated on countless fields for four bloody, magnificent years and which made the heroic fighting men of the Confederacy legends for all time. A lifetime of meticulous research has allowed Troiani to present this dramatic image like no one else, with features as fine as the soldiers' leather accoutrements, wooden canteens, and distinctive battle flag.

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