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The Volunteers

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"The Volunteers"
by Don Stivers
Copyright Stivers Publishing

Image size: 14" x 16"
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Stivers publishing company writes....
Some 2.9 million Americans, North ans South, engaged in four years of Civil War. For each soldier there were dozens of indefinite reasons why they fought, from money to adventure to politics. But for 186,000 of those soldiers the reason they fought was crystal clear: Freedom.
For generations, most African-Americans had been taught they were something less than men. Other Americans believed it. Ironically, even the Union Army did not want them at first.
Finally, in 1863, they were allowed to volunteer. Once accepted into the ranks of the fighting men, still they endured prejudice and discrimination, cat-calls and unfair punishments, hand-me-down uniforms and weapons, and no quarter from the enemy.
But now, there was no turning back. They were in a war they saw as being waged specifically to free them and their families from the bonds of slavery. What they could not see was that they were fighting to free members of their families yet to be born, forever more.

In his most recent work, Don Stivers takes his subjects: African-American soldiers, proud, defiant, joyous at last to be in the forefront of the struggle for their own liberation.

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