A Legacy of Leadership and Excellence

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""A Legacy of Leadership and Excellence"
Dedicated to the Veterans of Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom

by Don Stivers
Copyright Stivers Publishing

Image Size: 18" x 23"
Edition size: 500 signed and numbered

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From the beginning of our nation’s history, African-Americans have exemplified the fighting spirit and warrior ethos with passion, pride and professionalism. In every American conflict from the American Revolution to the Global War on Terrorism, they have fought and died on the frontlines fighting to defend freedom and to protect the American way of life.
The African-American tradition and heritage of military service to the nation has endured through six generations over the past 225 years. With each passing generation of warriors, the legacy of leadership and excellence through service continued to gain strength and vitality. Despite having to overcome obstacles at home to earn the right to fight, the overwhelming desire to help win America’s wars abroad became the benchmark of the African-American soldier.
From the beaches of Normandy to the frozen tundra of Korea, and from jungles of Vietnam to the desert sands of the Middle East, young African-American men and women have stood tall on the shoulders of the “Buffalo Soldiers” and proven time and time again that every generation of African-Americans has its own heroes.
During the 19th and 20th centuries, the lineage of African-American trailblazers comprised the names of heroes who cherished freedom and valued service above self _ names like Henry O. Flipper, Generals Benjamin O. Davis, Sr., Daniel “Chappie” James, Roscoe Robinson, Colin Powell, Roscoe C. Cartwright, and Clara Adams-Ender. With the turn of new century, the legacy of these giants cast a wide shadow from which a new era of African American heroes emerged.
As the nation entered an era of the global war on terrorism, the African-American soldier once again stood tall and answered the call to fight for freedom and preserve the peace. The mantle has now been passed and the spirit of the “Buffalo Soldiers” lives on and continues to inspire young African-American soldiers of a new generation.

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