The 10th United States Cavalry Rides Again

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"The 10th United States Cavalry Rides Again"
Operation Iraqi Freedom

by Don Stivers
Copyright Stivers Publishing

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In March 2003, the 1st Squadron, 10th United States Cavalry (the 4th ID's Cavalry Squadron) deployed to the Middle East in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The Squadron crossed the border into Iraq in the early dawn hours of 14 April 2003 leading the 4th Infantry Division north from Kuwait. The Squadron led the division up Highway 1 through Baghdad, Taji, and on to Saddam Hussein's hometown of Tikrit, destroying resistance from Iraqi forces. They secured and held multiple airfields and military complexes for later use by follow-on forces as far north as K2 Airfield near Bayji.
In June, the Squadron conducted a grueling forced march of nearly 200 kilometers from K2 airfield to the Iran-Iraq border to stop Iranian infiltration into Iraq, demonstrating remarkable endurance. Cavalry troops occupied the border cities, destroying enemy resistance and conducted civil military operations, assuming responsibility for 336.5 km of the border, a Brigade sized area, with a third of the equipment and personnel. Over the next four months the Squadron stood up, trained, and equipped Iraq Border Police and other security forces, 1600 Iraqis in all. The 10th Cavalry troopers screened the inhospitable border region, providing medical care, food, and water to over 27,000 pilgrims in a massive humanitarian undertaking.
In October, the Squadron conducted air combat operations across the division's area, launching Scout/Attack helicopter teams in support of divisional units during Operation IVY TYPHOON. In this operation, 1-10 CAV helicopters-patrolled HWY 1 from Taji to outside Tikrit dramatically reducing lED emplacements along this major highway. The helicopters flew more combat hours than any other unit in the Iraqi Theater of Operations.
In November 2003, the Commanding General of 4TD(M) ordered the Squadron to conduct strike force operations and moved the Squadron to the Tikrit area to stop guerilla activity. They quickly captured the terrorist ring that had shot down two Blackhawk helicopters prior to their arrival. In less than a month, the Squadron stopped all guerilla activity in Eastern Tikrit. On the night of 13 December, the Squadron along with the 1st Brigade participated in a short-notice operation south of FOB Saber, near the town of Ad Dawr named Operation Red Dawn, the mission that captured Saddam Hussein.
In January, the CG 41D(M) ordered the Squadron to move to the Balad area to conduct further strike force operations securing the largest concentration of soldiers in Iraq-LSA Anaconda. Once again, the Squadron quickly stopped enemy activity in the area and captured the ringleader of indirect fire attacks on US forces.
In operations throughout northern Iraq, the Squadron conducted thousands of raids and patrols, and captured or killed nearly a thousand enemy combatants: in short, no other unit in the 4th Infantry Division moved or fought in more locations than the 1st Squadron, 10th United States Cavalry.
Today, the Buffalo Soldiers of the 1st Squadron, 10th US Cavalry stationed at Fort Hood, TX, are beginning the process of converting the Squadron into the Army's 1st Armored Reconnaissance Squadron under the new modularity concept. Whatever the configuration of forces, this formation, like its forebearers, stand ready to defend the homeland and to extend the frontiers of liberty to all who seek its blessing. With the colors unfurled and sabers drawn, the troopers of the 1st Squadron, 10th United States Cavalry are, and will always be "Ready and Forward".

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