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Located across from the new Water Fountain Park on College Avenue in Clemson, S.C.

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Clemson Books, Prints and Collectibles
Allens' Creations, Inc - Frame & Art Gallery - is proud to offer a great selection of
Clemson Art, Clemson Prints, Clemson Posters, and Tiger Prints.
We also carry a large selection of rare collectibles including Memorial Stadium Cypress seat blocks and Tillman Hall bricks.
A new selection of Clemson Christmas ornaments and unique Clemson Metal Ring Seal art is now available.
We also offer archival quality matting and framing, including diploma framing.

Clemson Books

  • "CLEMSON - There's Something in These Hills" by Allen & Bray
  • "Old Clemson College - It Was a Hell of a Place" by Frank Mellette
  • "Thomas Green Clemson" 12 authors, edited by Alma Bennett
  • "A High Seminary - Volume 1" by Jerry Reel
  • "The Caboose, the Gardens, and the clemson class of '39" by Tee Senn
  • "There's Something in the Air" by Otha "Skeet" Vaughan
  • "Classic Clashes - the Carolina Clemson Rivalry" by Larry Williams
  • "The Danny Ford Years at Clemson" by Larry Williams
  • "Quiet Reflections - The Clemson University Forest" by Wyche & Garton
  • "Watercolor Reflections" by Dale Cleveland
  • "Clemson University" by Helene Riley
  • "The Nature of Clemson"
  • "Integation With Dignity" by Eisiminger (sold-out)
  • "Legacy of a Southern Lady - Anna Calhoun Clemson" by Ann Russell
  • Women & Clemson University" by Reel
  • "A Hero Among Heroes - The Jimmie Dyess Story" by Gen. Perry Smith (sold-out)
  • "Where the Tigers Play" by Blackman
  • Diploma Frames
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    Please call about diploma framing.
  • Unique Prints and Metal Art

  • "Paw Tiger" by Marian Pouch
  • "Tigerfly" by Scott Foster
  • "Paws and Stripes Forever" by Alan West
  • "Clemson Daze" by Stephanie Welch
  • Metal Art: "Tiger in Leaves"
  • Metal Art: "Tiger Head"
  • Metal Art: "Reclining Tiger"
  • Metal Art: "Rusty Tiger Paw Flag"
  • Metal Art: "Rusty Tiger Paw"
  • Metal Art: "Rusty Palmetto State Flag"
  • Metal Art: "Rusty Palmetto Palmetto and Cresent Moon"
  • Autographed Collectibles

  • "Last Big Thursday Kiss"
  • "The Dunk" by Kate Salley Palmer (Autographed by Greg Buckner!)
  • "Clemson Legends" by Webb Garrison
  • "Clemson Legends II" by Michael Taylor
  • "Orange Bowl Ticket Print
  • Framed & Autographed 2003 Golf Schedule Poster
  • Aerial Photographs and Posters

  • "Night in the Valley" by Trent Allen
  • "A Sea of Orange" by Trent Allen
  • "Tiger Band Spells Tigers" by Trent Allen
  • Panoramic Prints
  • "Clemson University - Frank Howard Field" by James Blakeway
  • "Bowden Bowl IX" by Robb Arra
  • "Bowden Bowl IX" by Bill Lorick
  • "Solid Orange" by Bill Lorick
  • "Campus Lights" by Matthew Padgett
  • "Daybreak on Bowman Field" by Kevin Bray
  • "Clemson Baseball" by Bob Waldrop
  • "Clemson University" - Historic Bowman Field by Fredrick Park
  • "Downtown Clemson" by Jeff Potter
  • "Death Valley" Bowden Bowl I by Robb Arra
  • Clemson Military Prints
  • "Military Heritage Plaza" by Trent Allen
  • "Military Heritage Plaza Sculpture" by Trent Allen
  • "Sacred Soil of Bowman Field"
  • "Clemson Heritage" by Rick Clark
  • "Clemson Patriot"
  • "Clemson Patriot" with Discharge or Retirement Paper
  • "Second Wave to Baghdad" by Stan Stokes
  • "Lightning Strikes 7 Times" by Stan Stokes
  • Steven Jordan Clemson Prints

  • "I'll Be Back"
  • "Clemson Winter"
  • "Clemson Summer"
  • "Clemson Moon"
  • "Mac's Drive-In"
  • "The Esso Club"
  • "Tiger Drama"
  • "Bud Tiger"
  • Bill Stroud Clemson Prints
  • "The Tiger Paw Hole"
  • "Game Day at Death Valley"
  • "On a Clear Day"
  • Clemson Football Prints
  • "Night in the Valley" by Trent Allen
  • "A Sea of Orange" by Trent Allen
  • "Tiger Band Spells Tigers by Trent Allen
  • "Bowden Bowl IX" by Robb Arra
  • "Bowden Bowl IX" by Bill Lorick
  • "Death Valley - A Sea of Solid Orange" by Craig Mitchell
  • "Memorial Stadium" by Rick Anderson
  • "The Last Big Thursday Kiss" Framed Photograph with Frank Howard Signature
  • "Clemson Day at the State Capitol" Photo from January 22, 1982 showing the Tiger Paw Flag flying
    with the Confederate Flag, SC Flag, and U.S. Flag hanging over the South Carolina Capitol Dome
  • "Clemson Legends 2" by Michael Taylor
  • "Death Valley" by Rob Arra
  • "Clemson Legends" by Webb Garrison
  • "Game Day at Death Valley"by Bill Stroud
  • "Bowl Hunters" by Johnny Lynch
  • "Death Valley - Home of the Fighting Tigers" by Doug Shealey
  • "Clemson Football" by Steve Ford
  • "Where the Tigers Play" by Susan Harkey-Howard
  • Other Clemson Sports
  • "Clemson Basketball" by Webb Garrison
  • Framed & Autographed Golf Schedule Poster
  • "The Dunk" by Kate Salley Palmer (Autographed by Greg Buckner!)
  • Framed & Autographed (Golf Issue) Orange and White Cover
  • "Clemson Baseball" by Bob Waldrop
  • Campus and Around Town
  • "After the Storm" by Trent Allen
  • "Clemson University" by Frederick Park
  • "Downtown Clemson" by Jeff Potter
  • "Clemson Heritage" by Rick Clark
  • "Clemson Moon" by Steven Jordan
  • "The Spirit of Clemson" by Cherrie Nute
  • "The Esso Club" by Steven Jordan
  • "Clemson Summer" by Steven Jordan
  • "Eye of the Tiger" by Rusty Jewell
  • "Tale of the Tiger" by Rusty Jewell
  • "On a Clear Day" by Bill Stroud
  • "Indian Summer" by Travers Green
  • "Clemson University" by Gail Dedmon
  • "Clemson University" by William Carl Bell
  • "Tillman Hall" by Joe Young
  • "Tillman Hall" by Olivia J. McGee
  • "The Calhoun Mansion" by Olivia J. McGee
  • "Hanover House" by Olivia J. McGee
  • "The President's House" by Olivia J. McGee
  • "Farmers Hall" by Olivia J. McGee
  • Tiger Prints
  • "In the Eyes if a Tiger" by Jerry Dame
  • "Guardian of the Valley" by Jerry Dame
  • "Palmetto Predator" by Tom Gallo
  • "Bengal Tiger" by Larry Seymour
  • "Tiger Reflections" by Larry Seymour
  • "Siberian Splender" by Larry Seymour
  • "Protective Custody" by Larry Seymour
  • "Intensity" by Larry Seymour
  • "The Hidden Tiger" by D.L. "Rusty" Rust
  • "Valley of the Tiger" by D.L. "Rusty" Rust
  • "Clemson Bengal" by Tom Gallo
  • "Bengal Tiger" by Charles Frace
  • "What 'chu Lookin' At?" by Chad Chrysler
  • Clemson Gifts and Collectibles
  • 1981 National Championship Coin
  • 1999 Bowden Bowl I Collectors Pin
  • Palmetto State Prints

  • "Stately Trio" by William Carl Bell
  • "My Blood Runneth Orange" by William Carl Bell
  • While I Breathe, I Hope" by William Carl Bell
  • "Carolina I" by William Carl Bell
  • "Carolina II" by William Carl Bell
  • "A Southern Tradition, Clemson" by Bill Rogers
  • "South Carolina" by Bill Rogers

  • Visit our "Real World" gallery at 400-1 College Avenue in Clemson. We are right across the (former) Astro Theatres and across the intersection from the Water Fountain Park. We have with plently of parking. We are open 9 - 5 Tuesday-Friday, 9 - 2 Saturdays. We are CLOSED Sunday and Monday. FOOTBALL SATURDAYS: Open before and (sometimes) after the game! If you can not make it by closing time, call us - we'll meet you after hours just about anytime.

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