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"St. Patrick's Day, 1863"

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"St. Patrick's Day, 1863"
by Brad Schmehl
Copyright 1997 Brad Schmehl/Green Flag Publishing

Image Size: 17 1/2" x 25 1/2"
Regular Edition: 850 S/N
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Known for high spirits, good fellowship and superb horsemanship, the Irish are at their best on St. Patrick's Day. We see them here - at an encampment teeming with army as well as civilian guests. Abundant foodstuffs; sporting events and flowing cheer were the order of the day. The celebration at Falmouth, Virginia is brilliantly executed by the brush of rising Civil War artist Brad Schmehl.

An ongoing print series by Brad Schmehl featuring the famous Green Flag units.
(1) "Captain Clooney's Charge" (2) "St. Patrick's Day, 1863" (3)"Absolution at Gettysburg" (4)"Fierce When Provoked"
(5)"Donnybrook at Dusk" (6)To be announced.

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