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"Tuskegee Airman"
Sculpture by Rod Mench

Intricate details, bronze and individually hand-painted!

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Hand-Painted Edition: $85.00
Bronze Edition:$65.00

"Buffalo Soldier on Horseback"
by Rod Mench is one of the most researched and detailed pieces of
African-American sculpture we've ever seen.
Hand-painted Edition: $295.00
Bronze Tone Edition: $195.00
Size is approximately 11" L x 7" W x 15" H

Michael Garman has two Buffalo Soldier sculptures available.
"Buffalo Soldier Trooper" and "Buffalo Soldier Corporal"
come in both hand-colored and Bronze-tone editions.
HEIGHT: Approx. 12 1/2"
Hand-Painted Edition: $120.00
Bronze Edition: $65.00

"Black Soldier Series"
by Norman A. Hughes

"Civil War Soldier", "Vietnam Field Nurse", "Soldier Going Home on Leave (Navy)", and "Vietnam Soldier".
Prices: $55.00 each, 2/$105.00, 4/$200.00

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